About Us

About Us 1

Our Vision: Excellence in how we deliver our services

One of the key tenets of our approach to our service is that we strive to give our members the chance to live a full and integrated life within their local towns and villages.  And while they may be challenged intellectually, they have a huge amount to give back and are valued members of their communities.

We also believe that our services need to react to the needs of service users – and not the other way around.  We are fully focused on providing a service that constantly adapts to the new or emerging circumstances of the people we serve, putting them right at the heart of everything we do.

We are not remotely interested in what people can’t do, but look instead to promote the empowerment of the person with an intellectual disability, providing greater opportunities for advancement not just in their education, but in their development as happy, well-adjusted individuals who contribute to their community like anybody else.

Each of our members has a completely different set of support needs, and we never look to impose a ‘one size fits all’ solution.  Instead, we provide a deeply personalised experience of care, designed around the individual’s unique requirements.

About Us 2

Sharing and caring as part of the community

Our mission from Day 1 has been to encourage and assist adults with special needs to achieve social and personal fulfillment through involvement in a holistic programme.

This programme, which is tailored to the needs and abilities of each participant, includes:

  • Education
  • Vocation
  • Recreation
  • Community Participation

About Us 3

The breadth of our services – and the debt of our commitment

We started with just three adults with special needs, but now provide a year long day service to over forty, drawn from Bagenalstown, South Carlow and the border hinterland.

We strongly believe that each individual’s needs are totally unique, so the task of providing educational support is highly staff intensive.

A total of thirteen very committed staff help us to deliver our services, while we are also privileged to enjoy the support of a host of equally committed volunteers, who help in countless, practical ways.

A Board of Directors provides overall governance, while we also have a number of other committees who help with the development of particular aspects of the service such as a Fundraising Committee, an Executive Committee, an Admissions  Committee and a Health and Safety Committee.

The service is governed by a Voluntary Board of Directors who work to develop and implement the service in line with the needs of the members.  Services are provided with the financial support of the HSE, the BEAM Fundraising Committee and other Funding Providers.